28. November 2018

Turning the Tide Sailing Cruise

September 2019: Streaming for Climate Justice

“Turning the Tide – Streaming for Climate Justice” will again be the motto of our second cruise, that will take place in early September, 2019. On board of the traditional sailing ship LOVIS we will learn a lot about sailing and  travel in an environmentally friendly way from Lübeck via Kopenhagen to Malmö from 31 August till 14 September.

Our aim is to spend this educational and action-loaded trip dealing with the demand for climate justice in workshops, talks and various forms of artwork. At our destinations we will creatively draw attention to the opportunities of a socially, economically and ecologically sustainable way of life and will get in touch with  the locals. We will take a local perspective on climate justice; possible topics would be the black coal commerce across the Baltic Sea or the construction of the gas pipeline North Stream 2.

Still, as we will be developing our projects together, we are looking forward to incorporating your personal interests.

Because it is important to connect as a European climate movement and to join our fights, we want to travel as an international group; accordingly English will mainly be spoken on board.

But since most of our team are from Germany right now, we are also looking for people from other countries who would like to become part of this unique project, no matter whether as participants on board or as contact persons at the harbors along the route.

Do you feel like joining? Then don’t hesitate to contact us: info@klimakollektiv.org


The sailing cruise is part of the European wide campaign:

Turning the Tide – By 2020 we riseup

The Turning the Tide campaign is organized by an open group of grassroots climate activists from different European countries. They are part of the Climate Justice Action Network. It takes a lot of us – and you – to shape this campaign!

2019 Gaining momentum

Where already possible, mass actions inspire and train our ability to mobilize large numbers. Conferences, camps and gatherings outline our vision for a livable future beyond profit.

2020 Uprising

For 2020 – and the battles beyond – we mobilize huge numbers of people against diverse targets all over Europe for mass actions of civil disobedience. Non-violently but all the more determined, we rise up for global climate justice.

For mor einformation see: https://by2020weriseup.net/