27. August 2018

Stay Grounded

“The coolest birds stay on the ground”

Flying is the fastest way to heat the planet. Still, air traffic is skyrocketing. There is no other option than reducing aviation if we want to continue travelling in the future.

The Klima*Kollektiv is part of STAY GROUNDED, an global network on air traffic and climate justice, consisting of more than 150 member organisations: local airport opposition and climate justice groups, NGOs, trade unions, initiatives fostering alternatives to aviation like night trains, and organisations supporting communities which struggle against offset projects or biofuel plantations. Also individual activists, academics, trade unionists and interested people can contribute to the network.

By providing information, networking and supporting actions, we want to pave the way towards a socioecological mobility and future. Reflecting on the normality of flying and changing behaviours can only go along with an appropriate political framework: we can no longer accept that train tickets are more expensive than plane tickets and that there are no taxes on kerosene. Airports, airlines and the aircraft industry need to be held accountable instead of being subsidised. Also, the small number of frequent fliers should be targeted by implementing a progressive tax scheme. Apart from that, caps for flights and airport infrastructure need to be defined.

Check out the new website of Stay Grounded: https://stay-grounded.org/ and their position paper!

For more information on the connection between aviation and climate change check out the informative brochure “The Illusion of Green Flying” and the Report „Degrowth of Aviation – Reducing Air Travel in a Just Way“



For the campaign “Stay Grounded” we are sponsored by the Bewegungsstiftung.