27. August 2018

Stay Grounded

“Are you already traveling or are you still flying?”

Flying is the most climate-damaging way of getting around, but air traffic is still on the growth path. The Klima*Kollektiv therefore supports STAY GROUNDED, an international network on air traffic and climate change. In 2016, the network organized the Action Week “Stay Grounded. Aviation Growth Canceled Due to Climate Change”. Here you can see the video of the coordinated transnational actions at airports in Vienna, Istanbul, London, Notre-Dames-des-Landes, Frankfurt and Mexico City. In Germany, there is so far little visible and effective resistance to the further expansion of airports. That’s why we want to promote the networking of active local groups, put their demands in a global context of climate justice and raise the issue more publicly.

From June 29 to July 1, 2018, a kick-off meeting of a nationwide action group “Am Boden bleiben” of the campaign Stay Grounded took place in Bremen. If you want to be active in this country against air traffic, join the network “Am Boden bleiben”! For more information, please contact info@klimakollektiv.org

14.-16. December 2018: Nationwide “Stay Grounded”-Meeting
Everyone who is interested in participating in the “Stay Grounded” network can join us – the meeting is a good chance. Please contact: info@ambodenbleiben.de

Check out the new website of Stay Grounded: https://stay-grounded.org/ and their position paper!

For more information on the connection between aviation and climate change check out the informative brochure “The Illusion of Green Flying”.

For the campaign “Stay Grounded” we are sponsored by the Bewegungsstiftung.