22. December 2016

The True Cost of Coal

A fascinating art- and storybased project on climate change, coal-mining, resistance and a fossilfree society

It is hard to explain people the complexity of climate change and global consequences of burning fossil fuels – and fascinate and motivate them. What we need are creative tools for a popular education everyone can understand and wants to get involved. The Beehive Collective, a network of artists based in the USA use their impressive artbased project “The True Cost of Coal”, a 5 to 2,50 meter huge mosaic poster to tell the story of coal and industrialization, the story of the land and the miners, what the local and global consequences of coal- mining are and how it is linked to the growth economy but they also show the diverse resistance and existing alternatives. By the method of story-based education and their beautiful graphics they tell those complex topics in a understandable and fascinating way.

Presentations, Workshops, Seminars

The klima*kollektiv reprinted „The True Cost of Coal“ in original size and offers different presentations on coal-mining in Germany and the US. We give interactive workshops with different focus like where coal comes from, how mining works, why and what for it is burnt, about global injustice and colonialism, about the connections to modern consuming society and our growth- based economy, about history and actions of the local resistance and the global climate justice movement or on perspectives of a fossilfree future. The workshops can be adapted depending on audience and time we have. Please get in touch with


Booklets and Posters

If you are interested in the booklet or want to put up on of those fascinating poster in your kitchen or above your bed:

HERE you will find the english version of´the information booklet on „The True Cost of Coal“ containing lots of the stories and background information.

You can order your own poster (30 x 60 inches, 76,2 x 152,4 cm) for a donation covering the costs but sending is pretty expensive (so better try to meet us at a presentation):